Where do I find ticket information?

Information on ticket pricing is available on our web site (hellashrinecircus.com/tickets).  You will soon be able to purchace your tickets online via Ticket Master.  Sign up on our Contact Page and Like Us on Facebook to be notified when.

Can I buy a better seat than General Admission?

Yes, Premium, Spectacular and Ringside floor seats are available. You can see the pricing and where these sections are located on our Venue page.

What are the the different seating sections and prices?

We have a seating map with pricing on our Venue Page.

What age is considered to be a child for child tickets?

Ages 2-11 are considered children, therefore ages 12 and up are considered adults.

What forms of payments do you accept?

TicketMaster takes Discover, Diner’s Club, American Express, Visa and MasterCard.  Discover NetworkDiners ClubAmerican ExpressVISAMasterCard

You can pay with cash at the Dr Pepper Arena.

Can I buy in person?

Yes, you can purchase in person at Dr Pepper Arena. If you have narrowed down your date and time that you want to attend, be sure to call them before going to purchase your tickets.

Are tickets exchangeable or refundable?

All purchases are considered final and cannot be refunded — however, they can be upgraded.

Please be sure to double check your tickets before you finalize your ticket purchase.

What time do I need to arrive for the show?

Doors are open 1 hour before each performance. We have a good number of activities you can enjoy before the “curtain rises.”

Please be there in plenty of time to purchase your ticket(s) and find your seat.

Can you buy food and souvenirs at the circus?

Yes, there are plenty of food vendors as well as souvenir vendors.

How long is the performance?

The performance lasts approximately 1hour and 50 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.

What kind of acts does the circus have?

This year the show features performers from around the world, including acrobats, aerialists, flying trapeze artists, clowns, jugglers, as well as elephants, camels and small ponies.  See our The Show page for for information.

Is the show good for children and adults?

Yes, the circus is great for ALL ages.

Are there any animals? Do you have elephants or other exotic animals?

Yes, we have animals – most often elephants, horses, camels and tigers. Like the human performers in our circus, our animal partners exhibit extraordinary talent and intelligence.

Learn more about the exemplary care and treatment of the circus animal performers.

Can I take photos during the performance?

Yes, picture taking is allowed however, flash is not permitted as it can be dangerous for some of our acrobatics and performers.  Make sure to post your photos with #HellaShrineCircus and your and your child could be featured in our Social Hub.

Are the clowns scary?

NO. All of our clowns whether performing or just walking around are warm and friendly and non-intimidating. They don’t wear scary wigs or makeup. Our clowns are one of the best features of our circus. Many people purchase the clown coloring books available and gather autographs from our clowns that are featured. The clowns are so approachable, a very popular souvenir are the Giant Photo Buttons in where you can have your picture taken with your favorite clown to wear at the circus performance and at home.

Do you perform rain or shine?

Yes, as the performances are all indoors, everything is GO!

Can I take a stroller into the event?

Yes, however please be sure to let us know when purchasing, so you can be placed in the right locations so as to not block any isle/row traffic.

Is the Dr Pepper Arena Wheelchair accessible?

Yes.  There are elevators that can take you to the 2d floor where there are plenty of areas for wheelchairs. Restroom facilities are also wheelchair accessible.

How do I get to Dr Pepper Arena?

We have details for the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco, TX on our Venue Page, or use to below link for the Google Map.

2601 Avenue of the Stars, Frisco, Texas 75034

What kind of parking is available?

The Dr Pepper Arena Parking Garages offer on-site parking with 2 covered garages for approximately 2,000 vehicles with plenty of handicap parking.

Please be there early to avoid the parking lines.

How do I make a donation?

Thank you for asking. We really appreciate your support. You can find our address on our Contact Us page.

Is beer or wine allowed at the circus?

No, alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the Dr Pepper Arena.